I should be Afraid of This Marriage

Thursday, January 25, 2018 4:13 pm
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This summer, I will celebrate my fifth wedding anniversary.

Five years with a man I never thought I’d find; five years of love I never believed I’d experience.

You see, this marriage isn’t my first. And neither is a fifth wedding anniversary.

I was married before, for ten years. But that marriage ended badly, and we divorced.

As I was thinking about all of this recently, it occurred to me that I should be afraid of this marriage. I should be afraid of what will happen; afraid of more unexpected hurt; afraid of it ending badly. I should be afraid now and should have been afraid five years ago.

But I’m not, and I wasn’t. And that’s only because of grace.

This is what grace does: it supernaturally erases what should be and replaces it with what cannot naturally happen. What should exist in my life and marriage? Distrust. Anxiety. Paranoia. Assumptions. But what do I have? Peace. Confidence. Trust.

None of this is because of anything I’ve done, apart from following Jesus. I have not had to learn to trust my husband or to practice confidence in our marriage. No – I’ve been gifted with these things. I have received them just as surely as I received salvation. I have been graced with things I could never experience on my own.

I should be afraid.

But thank God, I’m not.

Amazing grace, indeed.

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Jennie Scott is a divorced and remarried mom (yes, she’s from the US) of two whose life has been far from perfect and completely different from what she planned. Although, what she’s found is that God has provided exactly what she needed through it all. He is teaching her to enjoy the journey even when the path is winding and difficult. JennieGScott.com. | Follow Jennie on FacebookInstagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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