HSI: Animal Testing in OZ finally got the flick

Thursday, March 11, 2021 2:42 pm
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Did you know until recently animal testing was still allowed in Australia?

Back in the 90’s, (flicking through my Teenage Rag-mag) I still recall the cute face of the puppy, calling for animal testing to end. The message was everywhere, I thought it was done and dusted and our furry friends were safe! What’s happened in the last 20 years?


The European Union set up the World’s largest Cruelty Free Cosmetic Market. Humane Society International also worked diligently to ensure subsequent bans in other countries eg. India, Taiwan, Japan and even our nearest neighbours New Zealand.  So why did it take Australia so long to catch up?

Better late than never…

It took 3 years but in 2019, HSI claimed victory as the Government’s ‘Industrial Chemical’s Bill’ passed the Senate.

The result:

  • NO new ‘animal tested chemicals’ to be introduced into Australia, for use in Cosmetics
  • Committed to measures, ensuring all cosmetic ingredients be captured by the ban.
  • Funding for more non-animal testing methods. Eg. Using Human Reconstructed skin

Humane Society International’s Georgie Dolphin chatted with Mike on the Weekdays Show. She said “there’s even major changes happening in China! Animal Testing was Mandatory on all Cosmetics but from May that will be dropped. It opens up the market for Cruelty free brands to sell their products in China.

Click here for a full list of Cruelty Free Cosmetics

Click below to hear the whole conversation with Georgie (including cracking open the Free Range Eggs debate)

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