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Today is Watering Day we are joining forces with Water for Africa to build life-saving wells in the villages of Tanzania.

Michael Hepworth, son of the founders of Water for Africa, joined Bec and Jeziel to explain the experience of living in these communities. The Water for Africa team is in contact with local community leaders, such as pastors or chairmen. They contact the team and are added to a list of villages that need a well. “Our manager’s phone is forever ringing. Just people pleading that we can go to them next.”

One day their manager got a call to put in a well in his own village. They wondered why he didn’t tell anyone. “He said I just wanted to help everyone first. That forever stuck with me that he just had this thing that everyone needed it.” But the whole village celebrates when a new well is set up. “The whole village comes out to see and there is an anticipation that builds in the air. It’s phenomenal.”

Give someone access to life changing, clean water here. Listen to the full chat below!

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