How was your furniture ruined?

Wednesday, February 17, 2021 5:52 pm
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Jeziel came to work today absolutely gutted! Him and his wife were painting a table last night and after a while Jeziel left to wash his hands. As he walked into the living room he noticed the corner of his beautifully brown leather couch had a massive white stain on it. He called out to his wife and saw her leg was full of white paint. She had rubbed her leg against the leather couch and now it is fully stained!

Bec had an equally damaging experience. Her son got into her bathroom and took her expensive little bottle of Rose Hip Oil and tipped it out onto her bed. She couldn’t do anything!

This prompted the question to the family, “How was your furniture ruined.” Well, family you certainly delivered! When Andrew was a kid he decided it was a good idea to stab his dad’s expensive couch with a fork until it had holes in it.

Jos’ son however, ended up costing her $20,000 and her moving out of their house!

Have a listen!

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