How To Measure The Impact Of Your Branding

Thursday, July 26, 2018 10:51 am
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One of the toughest things when it comes to marketing is, knowing what marketing works and what doesn’t. It’s even tougher if you’re in one of those sorts of industries that doesn’t have a lot of people who are all vying to purchase that product all at that same time.

Say for instance, not everyone needs a fridge today, but a certain portion of the population does. Not every person needs a plumber today, but a certain portion of the population is going to need that service. For products like these, oftentimes businesses will do branding, or brand awareness marketing.

Brand Awareness Marketing

Brand awareness marketing is marketing that’s done to make sure that your business stays top-of-mind, so that when a tap starts leaking, they know what phone number to call. Brand awareness marketing is especially useful for businesses where the item is quite expensive, and there’s competition in the marketplace for that product.

But generally speaking, if people don’t know you exist, they’re not going to come to you. So having some sort of market awareness is very useful. What’s also great about brand awareness marketing is, it’s often cheaper than doing big hits of call-to-action marketing.

John Wanamaker once famously said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” And, if you can figure out which 50% is which, then you’ll be a millionaire. So, here comes the point of this article: How do you measure your branding marketing?

If it doesn’t lead to a direct response, then how do you know if it’s being effective? Fortunately, there is a way that you can measure your branding marketing.

Top of Mind Awareness

Many of the biggest brands measure top-of-mind awareness, which is the way you should be thinking about measuring the success of your branding advertising.

If you were to use an external research company once a year to ask four questions such as these:

  1. What radio stations have you listened to in the past 30 days?
  2. What radio station do you listen to most?
  3. A question about your particular business type – eg. If you’re a plumber you might ask “Can you name 5 plumbers you can think of?”
  4. Then you would ask “If you needed a plumber tomorrow which plumber would you use?”

… You can then break down the data according to which radio channel.

If you do your marketing all on one radio channel you should be able to see that x percentage of their listeners say they would choose you first if they needed a plumber, compared to almost non-existent top-of-mind awareness on other channels.

In this specific case plumbing is a category that is usually saturated and so the largest percentage share of top-of-mind awareness that we’ve seen for a plumbing business was 35%. Compare that to a roller door specialist that is not a saturated market, the roller door expert had 72% top-of-mind awareness.

How do I get this kind of data?

You can get this sort of research done using an omnibus survey, using a group like this.

This kind of research needs to be done independently to external audience to ensure meaningful data. Conducting a survey yourself is ineffective because all the survey respondents will already be within your business’ sphere – you’re effectively asking people who are already customers whether they have heard of your business.

If you’re ready to build awareness of you brand, our team would love to help you with your brand awareness marketing. Contact us today and let’s work together to grow your business’ top-of-mind awareness.

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