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There is already a lot going on in the life of a family. So to be also faced with the challenge of a child who struggles with learning can be overwhelming.

Children’s Learning Specialist, Natalie Nicholls joined Mike to share 3 types of reinforcements parents often use to encourage their child to learn. As well as the impact they may have on a child’s learning and motivation.

The 3 types of Reinforcement
1. Positive: A parent may hand out a gold star or pocket money to kids who do their homework.
2. Negative: Involves the removal, reduction or postponing of something. “If you don’t finish your homework by this time you can’t go to basketball practice.”
3. Punishment: Imposing something undesirable or taking away a positive stimulus.

“What I really encourage parents to have a think about…there is always a reason why the child won’t do their homework, won’t do their learning or won’t do their spelling…our approach to this reluctance and our reinforcement can help or hinder that child.”

Does your child struggle with learning. Let us know your thoughts by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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