How to deal with weight gain

Friday, March 25, 2022 1:59 pm
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Most of us don’t like gaining weight and once it’s on it can be really hard to lose it. Dr Stuart Arbuckle, from St Johns Health joined Mike to talk about weight gain.

It’s something that is frustrating and concerning and is the cause of a great deal of upset. There can be several different reasons for weight gain. Stress, anxiety and depression generally come with an element of weight gain. But Hormonal issues such as menopause can also cause weight gain. In this instance, it’s our bodies changing how it deposits fat and stores fat in the body. There are also changes in circumstances eg. sporting injuries or working from home.

“I’ve worked from home several times during the Pandemic…I confess… it’s very tempting if you’ve got a little gap of 5-10 minutes I’ll just nip through and make a cup of tea or a cup of coffee and oh the fridge is just calling me while I’m grabbing that bottle of milk and there’s some things in there that just look very interesting...and so that can be a real challenge for us as well.”

Have a listen to the podcast below for Dr Stuart’s advice on dealing with weight gain.

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