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Over the last term, Dani Jeyaratnam, campus pastor of Hillsong Perth, has been sharing on loneliness. loneliness isn’t just about ‘not having any friends’ it’s the discrepancy between the ideal and the perceived social relationships, what you’d like them to be and what they are.

Today on the Morning Show, Dani talks into how we can help those who may be struggling with loneliness. she points out a few warning signs to look out for including, fatigue during the day from lack of sleep, withdrawal from social interactions and depression.

“We also need to remember we can’t be someones saviour. we don’t have to be perfect to come along side someone as a friend or an ear to listen or a confidant but we can’t be their only support structure. It’s important to engage with them and their hobbies and reach out to them often, but try and connect them to community clubs or groups or even their local church.”

Another vital tip Dani points out is to be aware of the idea of ‘pity’. If the person you’re trying to comfort thinks you’re acting out of pity they’re retract into themselves even more, not every interaction with them has to be a big party – it’s the small moments of kindness that will make the difference.

Have a listen to Dani’s segment below:

If you’re a women looking for some connected-ness and community in the city, check out the Hillsong Sisterhood Group!

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