How the strawberry-needle saga built more community

Wednesday, October 17, 2018 11:33 am
Reading Time: 1 minute

Allan Tranter from Creating Communities loves discussing what brings communities together; locally and nationally.

Weirdly enough, strawberries and needles brought the community closer together. The authorities initially took the reigns, warning people to avoid strawberries, instructing farmers to dump them.

SA Tourism Commission

However, after the initial shock, people collectively said “that’s not good enough”. They noticed they could do something and did the opposite to what the authorities intended, recognising that innocent people and livelihoods were suffering.

So people bought them, people went and picked them. We all ate more strawberries than ever before.

“I don’t even like strawberries, but I’ve eaten more recently than I have in years!”

Allan Tranter

So let’s personalise this problem. When we celebrate together, we come together as a community.

Even though malice was intended by the people who placed the needles in strawberries, in some ways, the outcome for communities was that it brought people together.

Listen to the full interview with Allan Tranter below:


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