How long did you share a room?

1 March 2022

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How long did you share a room for?

Coming from a big family, Jeziel shared a room with his little brother until he was 13-years-old. “I would make a fake wall. I would put up string and hang sheets over it…I was like do not come on my side!” But Bec never had to share a room with her siblings. “I grew up thinking everyone has to have their own room.” 

Bianca shared a room with her older sister for 18 years. She was so excited when her sister moved out and she got the room to herself. “I had been waiting 18 years for that!” Ben shared a room with his younger brother for 17 years. “We had our moments when we crashed. But majority of the time we got along well.”

Claire’s mum had 7 siblings, so she shared her room with 2 of her sisters. When she moved out she shared “She 63 and shared a room her whole life!”

How long did you share a room? Let us know your thoughts by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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