How is the school curriculum changing and should you be worried?

7 June 2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes

How is the school curriculum changing and should you be worried?

Craig Hunter, from Rehoboth Christian College, joined Mike to discuss the new curriculum rolling out next year. The curriculum creates a national standard for eight learning areas: maths, English, arts, technology, health and PE, LOTE, HASS and science. Next year, there will be an emphasis on the history and culture of Aboriginal people. As well as a ‘back to basics’ approach for math and English. “Let’s make sure that our kids, by the time they are nine, know their times tables.”

But some people are concerned about the downplay of Christianity in Australia, history and western civilisation. The British coming to Australia is increasingly referred to as invasion and an event that dislocated First Nations people from their connection to country. “The issue is that while it is important to have this conversation, there is little opportunity to talk about how the gospel has helped bring freedom to many Aboriginal people as well or discuss these issues outside of increasing identity politics.” There will also be an emphasis on climate change which can be good. But some people are concerned it is encouraging children to be activists at a young age when they are not developmentally ready.

“As a parent be engaged, be involved, know what your kids are learning. When it is appropriate push back. Teachers will also be grateful for any encouragement.”

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