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Report cards are right around the corner. So Craig Hunter, from Rehoboth Christian College, joined Mike to share some advice on understanding your child’s report card.

Some common mistakes a lot of us make include:

  • Giving them money for each A they get doesn’t motivate kids
  • Compare your kids to their siblings
  • Blame your child for not working hard enough
  • Say we are too busy to read their report
  • Think music, art and PE grades don’t matter
  • Beat ourselves up that we are a failure as a parent or success if they got good marks

How do we understand our child’s reports?

Your child’s grades should be no surprise if the teacher is communicating regularly and sending work samples. Remember that their grade is a snapshot and not the final word. Teachers grade differently despite curriculum assessment guidelines and spend a lot of time writing reports. So read thoughtfully and don’t be afraid to contact them to ask questions on how your child can improve next term.

How do we help our kids after getting their reports?

The most important thing you can do is remind your child that you love them regardless of their grades. What really counts is their character and formation in Christ. Instead of highlighting their mistakes, focus on what they did achieve. For example instead of saying ‘you got 98% what did you get wrong’ try saying ‘you got 98% you must have studied hard!‘ Encourage your child to have a growth mindset and make them think about they can do better next term.

Has your child got their report card? Let us know your thoughts by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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