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Each week Kelley, from the Foxglove Project, joins Mike to talk to ordinary people who make an extraordinary impact in our community. This week they spoke to Margy Brookman and Edna Walters from Kingdomson Academy.

Margy Brookman and Edna Walter’s journey with this project started over 12 years ago. They were both 68 years of age when they met George, a teacher in Nairobi. He later contacted them in 2008 when there were tribal uprisings in Kenya.

There were many children displaced and orphaned through the uprising. George gathered these children together and rented a tin shed off the Government. He reached out for the assistance of Edna and Margy to help pay the rent and feed the children. That was 12 years ago, today it’s got 250 children, 13 teachers, 12 classrooms 2 stories, a dining room a boys and girls dormitory. They academy has expanded over 2 and half acres after purchasing land off surrounding neighbours.

If you put your heart into something stick with the program. You might not know where it’s going but if you just keep moving towards every door that’s opening…it just opens up…(like for us) the opportunity to change children’s lives and the community.”

You can find out more about Kingdomsons Academy here. Listen to the full chat below!

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