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Six days, a news article and a text. How a Queensland Pastor responded to God’s calling to travel to war ravaged Ukraine. Rob Porter from Kingdom Culture Church joined Mike to share his experiences from Ukraine, how God called him to go, the impact it’s had on his life and how he plans to return in the near future with his wife.

Pastor Rob had never been to Ukraine. But one day he was at the gym and got a notification on his phone. It was a news flash about the war in Ukraine. “I just found an overwhelming compassion in my heart and I just felt the Lord spoke to me and said you can be mad or sad  You can pray or you can send money or you can go and I want you to go.”

When he crossed the border into Ukraine he was surprised to see that people were living relatively normal lives. “We sometimes see war as a poverty thing which it kind of has been…But this is a first world nation. So it is very confronting to think that people like you and I are facing incredible trauma.”

Listen to the full podcast below.

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