How 98five inspired Craig to share hope

Friday, June 25, 2021 4:52 pm
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Craig called in this afternoon and told Mike, how he was inspired to share hope with a stranger this morning.share hope

He has been listening to 98five as the life words gave him hope during a  difficult time

My mum had a mental breakdown last year in New South Wales and I had a few difficulties at work and the life words gave me a bit of hope.

Today Craig was inspired to give hope to another person. He parked at the shopping centre and noticed an elderly woman parked next to him. She seemed to be going through a hard time.

I was winding my window down just to ask her to close her door so I could move, but then I noticed she was getting a bit teary.”

He heard her story about her daughter who has breast cancer, and her son who is hearing impaired. She had a broken key so he took her down to a café across his local church to get her key fixed.

It was just one of those opportunities to share hope with somebody… Those life words have been a way that I can open up to someone who doesn’t believe. To give her a bit of hope that people do care.”

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