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An avid hotel-stayer has gone viral on Twitter after sharing a ‘hotel hack’ that drastically increased how well he sleeps in hotels. After sharing the hack with his followers, hundreds of other Tweet-ers have shared their own! These are the 10 best hotel hacks we found in the thread:

#1. The hotel hack that started it all:

#2 Forgot or lost your phone charger?

#3 Use your license or credit card for the power!

#4 Is the room too hot or too cold?

#5 Keep your dirty laundry from getting mixed up in your suitcase!

#6 Did your clothes get creased in your bag?

#7 Need to get some work done but the Wi-Fi is too slow?

#8 Use the Ice bag or shower cap to keep germs away!

#9 Is there only one or two water bottles in your room?

#10 If you’re a little worried about pillow germs!

Do you have your own hotel hacks that we missed? Let us know, join the conversation on our Facebook page!

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