Hope For The Future Generation

Wednesday, November 17, 2021 2:12 pm
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Nature Play WA aims to raise awareness of the positive impact nature can on children’s development.Nature Play WA

They collaborate with other organisations  to organise fun events that encourage children to head outdoors and be active. It’s been a huge year for Nature Play WA. So Kath Healy, Strategic Communication & Campaign Manager, joined us to tell us all about it. They are currently engaging with digital projects that encourage girls (age 13-15) to get outdoors and be active.

“I have such a hope for the future because young people are so switched on. When you listen to young people they come up with some incredible stuff.”

Lots of people have come up with reason why teenage girls have stopped being active. But a lot of them haven’t worked as they don’t understand their perspective. But Nature Play prefers to develop relationship within the community to in order to help.

“That’s something 98five also does really well. You talk to your community know who they are. It’s about really listening and understanding who you’re talking to.”

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