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Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen and heard an increase in negativity, divisiveness, criticism and despair. We want to change the conversation and fill the air with hope instead.

When they were 11 years old, this anonymous texter was in a terrible car accident. This 98five listener sent in a message to The Hope Box to tell us about the day they were on the Fortescue River Bridge.

fortescue river bridge

Fortescue River Bridge

“I was asleep laying long ways on the back seat of the car when my grandmother decided to turn around and go back to the roadhouse. We were hit by a car doing 150km/hr apparently. We rolled multiple times onto the bridge. When I came too we were about halfway onto the bridge. We were transporting a saddle for my uncle and somehow this saddle found its way into the cab (from the ute tray) and protected me. All I know is that the ambos told me the saddle saved my life, they couldn’t explain how it got there.”

You can send a message of hope and encouragement to The Hope Box for the 98five family to hear and we’ll read it out on air. Let’s fill the airwaves with hope instead of bad news. Send your message to 0429 985 985 or DM us on socials! Listen to the full chat below!

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