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Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen and heard an increase of negativity, divisiveness, criticism and despair. We want to change the conversation and fill the air with hope instead.

In 2014, Demi’s husband was diagnosed with leukaemia and they were told they would never be able to have kids. But against all odds his treatment worked and their son was born in 2018. In 2019 Demi was diagnosed with a rare cancer while she was in the first trimester of pregnancy with her second child. She needed to have major surgery to save her life and the medical team repeatedly told them the baby wouldn’t survive the procedure. But they refused to end the pregnancy and gave the situation to God instead. Her daughter survived and Demi is now cancer free. “Our kids are one of the greatest stories of hope in our lives.”

You can send a message of hope and encouragement for the 98five family to hear and we’ll read it out on air. Let’s fill the airwaves with hope instead of bad news. Send your message to 0429 985 985 or DM us on socials!  Listen to the full chat below!

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