Homelessness: A Lived Experience

Tuesday, August 7, 2018 11:47 am
Reading Time: 2 minutes

When we see other people living rough on the streets it’s hard to imagine what they’re going through and how they feel as they face the social stigma of being homeless.

For one Perth woman that became a reality when Maggie lost her job as a Nurse, lost her home and ended up living out of a car for a year.  In the end she reached out and overcame adversity and she’s here to tell us a bit about that journey and what she lived through.

Have a listen to Maggie’s very real and raw story of the event that changed her life, her experience of living in a car (even on the street of the 98five studio for 3 days) and how her local church and Community Development at the City of Joondalup impacted her life.

“You find ways, just because you live in your car you don’t lose your hygiene. You still need to be clean… you may live in your car but you don’t want to look like it so you find ways. They might go against the grain, like i used to sit in a particular place for an hour an half sometimes just to build up the courage to walk into this place for a hot shower. Because I’m an honest person and I was doing something illegal – but I’d justify it to myself by saying, 6 months ago i was a rate payer, but it never sat well. “

You can join the fight against homelessness by participating in our Sleeping Bag Drive.

Show your support to end homelessness by donating a clean, new or used sleeping bag. We’ll be partnering with Warwick Stadium and Power to Empower Gym to support the work of Givit, City Church of Christ and the Salvation Army. Find out more information here.

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