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Recently I had the honour of performing my original songs at a fundraiser for St Patrick’s Community Support Centre, who help the homeless in Perth by providing food and other services.

It was a beautiful evening of like-minded souls gathering together to make a difference.

Photographer Kate Heaslip had her No Fixed Address collection on display. Kate had spent time with homeless people, listening to their stories and photographing them. She said that many homeless people she had come across were abused as children. In desperation, they escaped to the streets, because it was safer for them than their abusive homes.

Artworks at Sleep Out Under the Stars

Source: Josh Wilson MP featuring Kate Heaslip’s Photography

One man she met on the streets was actually gifted and as a child skipped Year 2 and 4, and it made me think of my son Kale who also skipped Year 2. Because he was abused at home, he left and started living on the streets as a teenager, and is still there now as an adult.

It’s so unfair that some kids are brought up in a home where they are safe and others aren’t so fortunate and end up on the street. It’s so tragic and it could happen to anyone. Imagine how different this man’s future could have been if he were brought up in a safe and nurturing environment.

This recent Daily Telegraph article reports that ‘rising divorce rates, skyrocketing rents and the gender pay gap have combined to create a new homeless epidemic in which women in their 50s and 60s are the victims.’ These are everyday women who were stay-at-home mums, and then worked, but due to life circumstances find themselves homeless!

We’ve all heard the golden rule is to treat others as you would like to be treated. Homelessness could happen to anyone, and if it happened to me and my kids I hope someone would help us. I believe we should always focus on what we can do, and actually do it. If we all do our part we can make a big difference.

Here are some practical ways I think could help the homeless in Perth:


Although we live in an amazing country, there are still thousands of homeless people in Australia that need help and support, including kids.

Donate money

You could donate to a cause like Sleep Out Under the Stars. All donations go to St Pat’s Community Centre to help the homeless in Perth, and it’s tax deductible.

Be present

Plan to attend Sleep Out Under the Stars next year, or even a similar event this winter. Just by attending you are helping with your ticket entry going towards helping homeless people.

Donate groceries

At my kids’ school, there is a program run where you can donate groceries from a shopping list, which gets made into soup for the homeless. So, once a month my kids contribute by giving four butternut pumpkins to their school.

Donate items

Homelessness in Perth We Care also help Perth’s homeless. They put the call out for items needed on their Facebook page. A recent call out was for baby items, for a family with a very young mum and dad with a 10-month-old baby who were sadly living on the street. You can drop your items off at various drop-off points including Byford, Kewdale, Alfred Cove, Claremont and Wanneroo.


G Justice is an organisation who help the homeless in Midland by giving out swags and meals. Current programs are on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. For more information join the G Centre Facebook group.

This isn’t an exhaustive list. I’m sure there are many other organisations out there doing amazing things but these are just a few I’ve come across on my journey as a singer.

Ashleya, 11 sleeping outdoors

After the fundraiser, this is what my family had to say:

“How in the world did this even happen? It’s not normal for loads of people to be sleeping out on the streets. There’s plenty of land! How do millions of people in the world become homeless?” Ashleya, 11

“I still felt hungry after eating a cup of soup and bread.” Kale, 9

“It’s sad!” Jewel, 7

“Why can’t they just make them a house with a fireplace?” Elijah, 4

After sleeping outside on the cold pavers, my hubby Dan said: “I’m glad I don’t have to do it every night. It must be incredibly difficult for people with kids to not only find somewhere you can sleep but find somewhere for your kids to sleep. I’m glad it wasn’t any colder!”

This article was origianlly posted on as 6 ways to help the homeless in Perth

Kat Eggleston is a stay-at-home mum of four and is passionate about making a difference. As a singer-songwriter (Ezereve), $35K has been raised through her music for charities that rescue children from trafficking. While auditioning live for the X Factor judges in 2016, Kat had a revelation that the best way to make a difference, was by being the best mum she could be. Kat is a parenting blogger, regular parenting columnist for the Northern Valleys News, and facilitates the ‘Setting up Generations’ Facebook group to support mums on their journey through motherhood. | Follow Kat on Facebook | Instagram |Twitter

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