Hitched: Golden rules for in-laws

Friday, September 11, 2020 4:03 pm
Reading Time: 1 minute

Pastor Phil Ayres from Kingdomcity joins Jeziel in the studio to share wisdom on marriage and relationships. Phil has a passion for growing strong families, and is a goldmine of knowledge and advice. Phil says his passion stems from enduring many difficult years of marriage. After weathering the storm, his marriage is now stronger than ever, and he loves to share his expertise on marriage, relationships, and golden rules for in-laws.


In part two of Ps Phil’s series on in-laws, he’s covering some golden rules to ease the natural transition that comes with marriage. From the moment the father gives away the bride, and the hilarious speech from the father of the groom. It’s all part of a huge change in life. To hear all of the tip top tips, check out the podcast below!


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