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They say that those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. But how is that supposed to help our marriage? Well you won’t be surprised to know that using the experiences of the past can help us deal with challenges in the present.

But how are we supposed to put this into action? A big part of this is telling stories. Humans have a long history of telling stories to remember important events. For example, Israel held three major celebrations each year, all designed to tell a story to help people remember history.

  1. Passover: Told the story of the deliverance on the nation of Israel from Egypt
  2. Pentecost: Held 50 days after Passover, it was the feat of the Jewish harvest.
  3. Tabernacles: by camping out in tents for a week, they were reminded of the Jewish people’s 40 year journey through the wilderness

Each of these stories is a reminder that if God did miracles in the past, he can do it again now.

Okay great, but my relationship doesn’t have events anywhere near as significant as those, what am I supposed to celebrate?

Of course you have significant events! You have birthdays, anniversaries, and special events like graduations or awards. Aside from this, you can also celebrate objects, like special keepsakes, or photographic memories.

For all of Ps Phil’s great advice on celebrating memories, check out the podcast below:

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