Helping Your Kids Build Resilience

Friday, October 22, 2021 11:07 am
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Graham Irvine, from Kingsway Christian College, joined Mike to talk about resilience.

He proposed the question, “Are we choosing to stop our children, going through experiences, that will help them develop anti-fragility?” Research shows that children inherit anxiety from their parents. Life never goes to plan we all eventually experience anxiety. But we shouldn’t let it take control of our life. As parents we can learn to handle anxiety so we don’t pass it onto our children.

There are 3 terms in describing resilience: fragile, robust and anti-fragile.

  • Fragile -Easily broken or damaged
  • Robust – It continues as it is, nothing changes.
  • Anti-Fragile – When resisted it increases in strength.

Allowing our children to go through experiences that build their resistance to things, will help them become anti-fragile. Lawn Mower Parents remove the obstacles in front of their child. Don’t prevent your kid from experiencing things that will make them anti-fragile. But let common sense prevail! “We want children to learn from their mistakes” but a 4 year old riding their tricycle on a busy road will not be around long enough to learn from their mistakes.”

I watch parents rescue their children every single day and I disagree with it 9 times out of 10. They get into this life mode that says if something goes wrong in my life someone else is going to rescue me.

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