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Two years ago, while undertaking a Certificate 4 in Mental Health, Kellee was triggered by her studies. Kellee is a “voice hearer” and while hearing voices isn’t always a sign of ill mental health, her experience had changed. While looking for resources on her situation, she came across Richmond Wellbeing’s voice hearing support group.

“I felt normal, I realised it’s normal and a lot of people hear voices. I get a lot of support, we don’t always talk about the voices, we talk about any issues we’re going through. It’s a safe environment, I’m the only Indigenous person, but I want other Aboriginal people to know about it because it’s such a safe environment.”

Alongside that Kellee also needed help finding accommodation. She has been living at the Bassendean site for over 12 months and through this arrangement she has been able to connect with Aboriginal Elders.

“I just love that, I just melt, because I didn’t grow up with my Indigenous family. So it means the world to me when they come and visit the site.”

Hearing voices is a common human experience.

Voice hearing is a natural variation of the human experience and is more common than left-handedness. Research shows 4-10% of the population hear voices. The fact that so many people hear voices and are not ill or unwell shows that hearing voices, in and of itself, is not a sign of mental ill health. However, if you are distressed by the voices you hear, there are a number of people find helpful on their journey to achieving the life they want.

As suggested by Richmond Wellbeing: Read and Research, Talk & Connect and Learn Coping Strategies – find out more about coping strategies for hearing voices here.

If you or someone you know needs help talk to Richmond Wellbeing, your GP or health professional, for a 24/7 crisis service call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Have a listen to Kellee share her story below:

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