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No couple, married or otherwise, are immune to have the occasional barney, tiff, or fight. In all honestly, conflict, when done in the right way, is actually healthy and can strengthen a relationship. 

Dr. Bruce Robinson from The Fathering Project joined Kirste and Morro for the Dad Diaries this morning on Brekky to speak into this topic of conflict, and how as parents, disagreeing in front of your kids is not bad, as long as you don’t make it personal.

Conflict with your partner in front of your kids is a scoreboard free zone. Don’t keep a record . You should never say “well I might have done that, but you’ve done it ten times before”. This notion of living in grace means to apologise for the wrong you did and acknowledge there is no excuse. Leave the scoreboard out of it.

– Dr. Bruce Robinson

Disagreeing does not mean your marriage is a failure according to Bruce, in fact he believes it can lead to greater things in your marriage, but you must choose your words carefully.

You can disagree about an issue, but never put the other person down. And if you slip up, there is a great opportunity to apologise in front of your children

You can hear the full Dad Diary with Dr. Bruce Robinson below:

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