Hayley Leake is Crowned Sole Survivor!

Monday, September 13, 2021 2:43 pm
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After 48 days in the harsh Australian Outback, Hayley Leake successfully outlasted her rivals and was crowned the winner of Australian Survivor: Brains vs Brawn, taking home the $500 000 prize! Survivor

Kirste and Dan caught up with the winner of Australian Survivor 2021 Hayley Leake! “This is a childhood dream of mine, like I’ve been watching this show for 20 years. So to win I don’t even know how to describe it.”

Flick, George and Hayley faced off in the final immunity challenge. They stepped into a chamber with spikes on the ceiling and narrow pegs on the floor. At intervals the ceiling dropped making it harder to stay in position. Hayley outlasted her competitors and after winning the votes from Jury was crowned Sole Survivor. Hayley is now going back to her normal life and plans to complete her PhD in pain research. As soon as lockdown ends she wants to throw a party for her fellow survivor contestants.

Kirste and Dan like to ask all the Survivor contestants this question. If you were¬† trapped on desert island what 3 people, alive or dead, would you bring? “My relatives I didn’t get to meet. Maybe my grandma when they were like 28 and we can have a party.

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