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By Mike Atkinson

98five Drive host Jeziel caught up with Hayden Glass from Red Frogs as part of 98five’s Vote for Hope month.

One of the themes of the month has been tackling the loneliness epidemic and what tools those who are feeling isolated can use to re-connect with the world.

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“I think technology has got a part to play. but I love technology and what social media is able to do to draw people together, but it shouldn’t replace real life relationships,” Hayden said.

“They think that what they’re reading on social media is everyone’s everyday life, but it’s their highlight reel. They’re only putting up their filtered, made up, best picture of that situation… It’s a split second snap shot on what happened that day.”

Podcast: Hayden Glass part 1

The word ‘hope’ can mean different things from person to person. Hayden said his personal meaning for hope is looking on the bright side without rose tinted glasses.

“It’s looking to go, what is the best possible outcome right here, and believing the best things are going to happen in your life.

“The planned purpose and destiny that every single person has, that every single person needs to find for their life — it’s living that it out every single day, and that is hope.”

Podcast: Hayden Glass part 2

“Positive thinking sounds cliche and it sounds like i’m going to charge you a million dollars to post you this thing, but it’s finding that inner peace and inner fulfillment that your life is on the right track and your future is bright.”

Podcast: Hayden Glass part 3

To tackle today’s loneliness epidemic and give 98five a greater reach into the lives of those feeling isolated in our community, show your support and Vote for Hope.

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