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Hayden Glass State Coordinator for Red Frogs Australia, dropped in for Radiothon (and a catch up with his old friend Tama!)



Most people know Hayden Glass for his work with the Red Frogs, but there’s something else you should know about him: he’s a country boy! So when Tama told him the news about our goal to reach 5 regional cities, including Hayden’s home town of Kalgoorlie, he lit up with excitement. He knows first hand how badly his home town needs an injection of positivity and hope.

“Kalgoorlie doesn’t appear out of the papers for very long. We know the challenges that are up there in that social demographic and that community. How amazing would it be to have another layer of hope filling the pitcher of that town. So it can go on to be all that it can be. But also, so that the people who live there can become who they need to be and who they’re predestined to be.”

If people don’t stand together, communities crumble.  Let’s continue encouraging each other, building into each other’s lives. It doesn’t matter what your faith background is, or if you don’t have one. Perth has come together for lots of different things, we’re known for that. Let’s continue doing that and come together for Radiothon 2019.

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