Having Hope as a Parent: Shannon joins us for Radiothon

Wednesday, November 17, 2021 1:37 pm
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Shannon joins Kirste and Dan every week for Mum Life, where she shares her latest adventures in parenting.

But today, Shannon popped in for a coffee and spoke about having hope as a parent. Sometimes we compare ourselves to the idealistic version of being a parent. Movies, TV shows and books can make it look so easy. But things don’t go to plan and you shouldn’t feel like failure.

“There’s shows on TV about parenting, there are books, podcasts, courses I’ve done all that…I personally walked away from that stuff feeling less than.” 

So Shannon’s authenticity and humour resonates with 98five listeners. Hearing similar experiences from other parents helps you not feel alone during tough times. “When you do life in community you don’t feel alone. That sort of togetherness brings us hope.”

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