Have your kids ever said something super creepy?

Wednesday, January 13, 2021 1:53 pm
Reading Time: 2 minutes


Dan and his wife have two incredibly cute kids. Archer is 5 and Ruby is 3 years old. Even though Dan could spend all day talking about how gorgeous his kids are, today he wanted to share a story on the stranger side.

“I want to tell you about something my little man said to me one day. So, you know how kids are inherently a little bit creepy? My son comes up to me one day, totally out of the blue and says ‘be quiet daddy, the little ones are sleeping.’ He stared at me for a second, he turned and he walked away.”

Dan wants to address two things. One: who are these little ones he’s talking about? And two: surely Dan is not alone! Have your kids ever said anything that weirded you out? If you can help him out with either of these things, hit him up on the text line (0429 985 985) or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram.

The best text message we’ve received so far read:

“I was tucking my two year old in one night and he said ‘good bye dad and I said ‘no, no, we say good night’ and he said ‘I know, but this time, it’s good bye.’ I had to check on him a few times in the night to make sure he was still there.”

“ok then…”

As parents we’re all in this together, we love our kids but they sure can be creepy… so share your stories! Listen to Dan‘s tale on the podcast below:


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