Have you seen the impact of positive radio on your kids?

27 June 2022

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Have you seen the impact of positive radio, of 98five on your kids?

Have you seen the impact of positive radio on your kids?Melissa has.

Over the years we believe it’s helped our kids grow into teenagers that really respect God, and now they’re sharing that message with their friends.

John and Jannie have.

My family has been listening to 98Five for about 10 years now. Having small kids, it’s important to us that what they listen to will help them grow in the ways of the Lord. Tuning in to Sonshine FM, we are confident that they will not hear anything that is not appropriate for them.

Elisabet has.

Our Family love you! Every day on our way to school and at pick-up time. My school rules is still the most exciting quiz that our kiddos enjoy and participate in. Love to hear the Scripture, simple but powerful. Love the contents, no need to worry about the “filter” as it’s kids-friendly radio (yes, I am filters-thingy-mom).

Juliette has.

The topics we hear on air inspire conversation. Instead of the phones coming out we speak to each other and we listen and laugh together.

Instagram follower @Littlehomeinthefoothills has.

We look forward to school drop-offs and pickups just to listen to all you wonderful people. Thanks for putting a smile on our faces.

There is no other radio station in Perth that is dedicated to being safe for little ears. When you tune into 98five you will never have to worry about your children hearing something inappropriate. You’ll never have to flounder to answer the question “mum, dad, what does that mean?” after hearing something “adult”. They’ll only hear music that is encouraging and uplifting and They’ll never hear a 98five announcer insulting or ridiculing someone else. We are a family-focused, listener-supported radio station, dedicated to supporting you and your children in your everyday lives and on your faith journeys.

When you support our June Appeal you help ensure we can continue broadcasting for generations to come.

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