Have you gone to extreme lengths to satisfy your picky eater?

16 December 2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Toddlers and food; one of the fiercest face-offs parents may ever encounter. These tiny humans can throw the biggest fuss over what they will and will not eat. And what are we supposed to do? They need sustenance‚ÄĒnutritious, varied food. So when Bec and Jeziel heard about the lengths this one particular mum went to, to get her toddler to eat his meals, they had total sympathy.

Brianne Cahoon, 24, from Toronto, is mum to a 3-year-old boy who is obsessed with the colour blue. His bed, his clothes, and this year’s Christmas decorations all have to be blue. This obsession even extends to his food. This little boy refuses to eat anything that is not the colour blue, and when we think about how many foods are naturally blue, we can’t come up with too many. Definitely not enough to fulfil a healthy, balanced diet, so what is this mum left to do?

Well, Brianne has come up with a solution. She dies his food blue.

Mum dyes toddlers food blue

“Blue mac and cheese” and “blue eggs”.

“Blue makes me think of poison,” said Jeziel.

Apparently, it just started with his mac and cheese, but then Brianne started dying eggs and sauces and now he’s come to enjoy tasting new food (aslong as it’s blue food).

“I’m so thankful that my (son) Malachi eats anything” said Jeziel, “but then again he also tried to eat a cockroach once”. To that, Bec simply replied, “hey, no judgement here”.

Have you had to go to extreme lengths to encourage your child’s eating? Let us know!