Have you ever quit a job after the first day?

6 December 2022

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Have you ever wondered what the original Red Wiggle, Murray Cook, does for a job now? Well, we didn’t, but Jeziel stumbled across a video of the now DJ, spinning Fruit Salad in the club! (Scroll down to see the video.) Which got Jeziel thinking about how often in life we can end up working jobs we never imagined for ourselves. Sometimes these jobs work out really well for us, other times, not so much. Like when Jeziel decided to become a toilet cleaner, which he was apparently really enthusiastic about.

But it wasn’t the idea of glistening white, shiny toilet bowls that got Jeziel excited, it was the money. This job paid extremely well, and Jeziel quickly found out why.

It was disgusting.

So disgusting, that Jeziel lasted one day. He couldn’t bare the sights or smells, so he handed in his resignation after his first shift.

Bec has also worked a job that only lasted one day. She worked outside of a sports stadium, reading announcements over the PA system for the general public. “But I hated it, I felt like no one was listening to me,” she said. She didn’t like feeling silly, so she quit!

Listener Jane gave us a call to tell us about her one-day dishwashing job. Jane went to a restaurant and ate an absolutely delicious pork dish. She asked the chef for the recipe, but he told her he only shared his recipes with staff. So, she got a job as a dishwasher for one day, and he shared the recipe with her!

When Simon was a boy he wanted a paper round. After he applied and got given his route, he realised his particular streets were super steep and would be extremely hard to ride his bike over. So he called in sick on his first day, then the next week his mum came to his rescue, called the delivery agency and fibbed that he wasn’t allowed to do the round as he wasn’t doing his home work. But, did that count as a one-day job or a zero-day job?

Have you ever had a one-day job? Join the conversation and tell us your story on socials!

Listen to Bec and Jeziel’s conversation below.


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