Have you ever had ‘Wardrobe Confusion’?

Thursday, April 8, 2021 10:09 am
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Have you ever worn your clothes wrong, only to realise at the end of the day?clothes

In the tired rush of the morning, you frantically fumbled to get dressed and without realising you’ve put on your shirt inside out or your pants on backwards. You cringe at the thought of all the people you met and the things you did with a big tag sticking out of your shirt or the zipper on the wrong side of your pants, and wonder why no one told you. This is what Kirste and Dan called “wardrobe confusion” after Kirste told Dan about her clothing mishap.

My leggings felt really uncomfortable at the front and I kept having to pull them down. I go to take a shower and realise I’ve worn them back to front!”

Fortunately, Kirste wasn’t the only one, listeners called in to let her know about their wardrobe malfunctions.

I’m a teacher, my EA came in and said look at your shoulder. I realised I had worn my cardigan inside out and spent all morning at a staff meeting and no one said anything.

Kids were staring at me, and I thought what’s wrong? I realised my pants were on backwards.

My skirt was inside out and I never realised until I got home from Church. There was a big tag sticking out and no one said anything!”

We’ve all had clothing mishaps however, it helps to remember no one pays attention as much as we think. Have you ever had wardrobe confusion? Let us know your stories by sending us a  text.

Have a listen below:

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