Have we found Perth’s Patch Adams?

Thursday, February 18, 2021 7:49 pm
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The Family was introduced to our new Scottish Doctor, when he dropped in for a chat on the Weekdays show.

Dr Stuart will be Mike’s fortnightly guest on a Thursday morning.

Other than being happy to answer everyone’s medical questions, Dr Stuart has a definite funny bone. He believes laughter certainly is the best medicine. So have we found Perth’s ‘Patch Adams’?

Dr Stuart is serious about his work however and the patients under his care. He told Mike, “one thing he sees too often is new Mums getting judged by their GP for taking bub to get checked over a “small” concern. Having gone through parenthood himself, Dr Stuart said, “those first 6 weeks can be quite a scary time” and it’s normal to be worried.

Most parents (I believe) can identify with receiving conflicting advice from friends and family members, and while it is given with good intentions, it can leave parents confused. Dr Stuart said, “if you’re worried over something, however small, get it checked out by your GP.”

Never feel foolish for being concerned for your child.

He told Mike, “it’s the best consult of my day when a new Mum comes in saying I don’t know if there’s something wrong, can you just take a look. I tell them I’ll happily see this child a hundred times and reassure you than see them once and say we may have missed the boat, we have to do something quick.”

To hear the whole interview with Dr Stuart, Click below.

Didn’t get your questioned answered? Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten! Dr Stuart will be back in a fortnight to answer all your health questions! If you’d like to get in early, you can leave your question for him in the box below or send us a DM on Instagram.

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