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Over the last year, Hammo has spent some time with young men who have worked in environments where masculinity and toughness are valued over respect. They were battling with the question: “Should I just toughen up? Or should I leave?” One of them felt like being a positive influence wasn’t worth the abuse and bullying. To survive he found himself becoming one of them. “He’d laugh at their jokes. He’d join in the goings on and he felt bad about it. He felt if he walked away he would get more abuse. That walking away would be weak.”

If you are a young man out there and are struggling with a similar situation, Hammo had some encouragement to share. “If you are a young bloke out there today and walking into that you don’t have to take it. Perhaps the most courageous thing to do is not to just take it. But talk to someone a bit older and maybe find your way out. I’m going to find a workplace that is actually respectful and I can be myself. I don’t have to fit in and be someone I’m not.”

If you are an employer it is also important for you to be an example. “If you are an employer and you are the guy setting this culture. You need to pull your head in. Get a grip and set a culture in your workplace that is healthy. Where people can actually grow and be respected.”

Have you ever worked in an environment you didn’t feel comfortable in? How did you deal with? Let us know by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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