Hammo shared some words of wisdom about hope

Thursday, June 24, 2021 3:24 pm
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Andrew “Hammo” Hamilton joined Kirste and Dan this morning for June Appeal to share some words of wisdom.

He suffered terrible back pain that didn’t allow him to work, sleep or enjoy his hobbies. This sent him into a dark place mentally.


I was struggling to walk, struggling to roll over in bed…I go through this really dark phase where I think crikey, I’m gonna have to stop work. I’m gonna have to stop surfing. My life sucks.”

Visiting his physio Damian, not only helped the pain go away but it also gave him hope that things will get better. “I don’t go to Damian just to get fixed, I actually go to Damian for hope… I think we need people in our lives to remind us not just about our physical life, but to imagine hope for our souls as well.”

Similarly, Hammo believes 98five brings people hope through difficult times to tell them everything will be okay. “If you’re sitting there wondering about the value of your donation…. Just think of a time when you’ve needed someone to say it’s gonna be okay…Because this is what these guys do so well.

Hopefully Hammo’s words of wisdom inspired you. For over 30 years, we’ve been speaking life and hope into thousands of lives across Perth. Hope can be a song, a word, a voice. At 98five we’re committed to broadcasting the positive message of hope all day, every day. You can show your support for the radio station that supports you by donating.

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