Why sponsor Sonshine?

Radio is a wonderful way to build your brand as well as let a whole bunch of people know about your products, services, special event or sale. The great thing about Sonshine is that:

  • We have a strong community of followers across radio, web and social media.
  • Our audience is extremely loyal to us, many of whom choose to financially support Sonshine as well as the businesses and organisations that support us.
  • You get to stand out. As a not-for-profit community station that is partially listener funded we ensure our audience never have to put up with the quantity of ads you might hear on other radio stations. With less noise, your business gets a greater share of voice and less competition for our audience’s attention.

Find out more about Sonshine here or complete the below form so we can get in touch to talk about how we can partner with you to help you grow your business.

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