The Key to Growing Great Girls

Thursday, July 26, 2018 1:50 pm
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Every fortnight Cherie from MOPS (Mother’s of Pre Schoolers) joins Mike in the studio to give advice and share her experience with young mums. Today shes talking about growing great girls. Don’t worry next time she’s in the studio, she’s talking about growing great boys. 

So what’s the key to understanding girls and women? Women are wired for relationships and connection. Girls develop language and emotional language earlier than boys. So the way their brain works, how their hormones work means they’re built for relationships.

This means, her relationships are going to give her her sense of significance. So you have to become intentional about the families you put around her. You, your extended family, your church family. They’re all tools to raise your daughter. Around puberty, she needs strong woman to guide her through that. If she goes through that ‘mums not cool – i can’t talk to mum’ phase, she needs your friends, teachers, youth leaders that share your values that she can go to.

Cherie also shared special instructions to dads of daughters.

“Dads your words will be like beacons for your daughter in her times of self doubt. Your words are your strength into her life. There is no asset like a dad who believes in his daughter. She needs to be able to come to you for physical and emotional protection. Listen to her, you don’t always have to report or fix it, most of the time if she has as problem she just wants to talk it through. Teach her to fight her own battles but let her know your there when she needs you.”

Cherie also answers some text questions from the family and covers how to deal with the dreaded ‘teenage girl eye roll and death stare’.

Have a listen below:

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