Leon Piper | Mornings producer

Are you looking for a lovely flowering plant to cover an unsightly fence?

Well, look no further because the sweet pea is the plant for you. Adept at climbing, these beauties will add a splash of vibrant colour to your garden.

With such interesting names like Harbinger, Pandemonium and Tiller Girls, these plants can’t help but draw attention. 98five’s garden expert Colin Barlow of Gardens from Eden offers the following tips on how to plant these colourful blooms.

  1. Fill a 140mm pot 3/4 full of potting mix
  2. Place the pot in a larger container of water, roughly at the same level as the mix inside the pot
  3. Watch as the water slowly soaks up into the soil, remove the pot once the water reaches the top
  4. Place 6 to 8 seeds on top of the soil, with roughly 5cm between each seed
  5. Gently press the seeds into the soil, and cover with a seed raising mix
  6. Don’t water until the seeds have sprouted, unless it’s very hot
  7. Once sprout has established, trim to two leaves high to encourage bush-iness
  8. Move 2 or 3 smalls pots into a larger pot once they’ve outgrown their old homes

For all the detailed tips, as well as a variety of other questions Colin answered throughout Friday 24 March show, see the full video:

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