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Sally Hewitt who is the co-founder and creator of Ageing Gratefully. Ageing Gratefully was founded to counter act the view that ageing is negative. For many people, ageing is seen as a negative experience and with Ageing Gratefully Sally provides solutions to empower people to be grateful for the age that they are. Sally lost her husband a couple of years ago and when she started the healing process she found that her healing came from being grateful for what they had together and not for what she lost. She found that she had to change the language she was using. She had to change her mindset from being negative and sad to being appreciative and thankful.

The first step is to find 5 things you can thank God for. Begin and end the day with these things. Meditate on them and this will help to be grateful daily. The choice lies within ourselves to be grateful. It will become a habit. When you are grateful it pulls you into the moment. Be grateful for where you are in life at that moment in time.

“You cannot be alive and living and not grow older. It is the journey of life” – Sally Hewitt

Have a listen to the conversation Bec had with Sally below:

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