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Graham Irvine, the Head of Christian Education at Kingsway Christian College, is a regular guest on The Mornings Show with Bec. He’s here to share his parenting wisdom.

With the new school year having just kicked, Graham has spent a lot of time thinking about how we can help our kids prepare for a big change.

“Whenever we are with our kids in those sort of stressful situations that we do everything we can to dial our own anxiety back”.

It is OK to feel feelings of anxiousness as a parent when a big change happens but remember to give yourself space to feel those feelings. However, try not to send those feelings to your kids. If you find that your kids might be suffering from the big change, it is good to have open communication with them by asking them how they are feeling. By doing this you will help them and yourself.

Have a listen below to all the advice Graham has to give about dealing with a big change.

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