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West Aussies who have experience homelessness are being encouraged to share their stories as part of the development of the state government’s 10 year strategy against homelessness.
Even though the state budgets $85 Million into shelters & services for homelessness there are still 9,000 West Aussies who sleep on the street in the cold every night.

Homelessness Strategy Debra Zanella and Minister McGurk

Homelessness Strategy Debra Zanella and Minister McGurk.

Minister Simone Mcgurk announces the strategy and says:

“If we want systemic long term results we need a long term strategy. Its not just brick and mortar, its mental health, drug and alcohol rehab employment, educational training.. we need to bring that assistance to them. Not expect they navigate their way through bureaucracies and service providers, they often don’t and fall through the cracks.”

Listen to Minister Simone share with Mike below.
Or support our Sleeping Bag Drive for Homelessness here.



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