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With all the negative stories we hear on the news each day it is refreshing to hear something good happen. On Drive, Bec and Jeziel decided to share some good news stories that will make you smile. This week they talked about recycled Olympic medals and donating books!

Did you know the medals at the Tokyo Olympics were made from recycled cell phones? Over 2 years prior to the Olympics, Japan collected 78 000 tonnes of electronic devices including 6.3 million cell phones!

A remarkable 10-year-old is inspiring the world to donate half a million books for kids. Ryan is only 10, but is on a mission to share the joy of reading with thousands of other kids. After winning the kindness award at school, he caught the generosity bug and decided make his own library for kids who can’t afford books. He said “Kindness if a virtue we can all possess if we’re willing to. So why not start today? It’s what we need now more than ever.” So far he has collected 120 000 books!

What did you think of these good news stories? Let us know by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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