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Bec and Jeziel decided to share some good news stories that will make you smile. They talked about free food and a basic income for artists!Good news stories

Bali’s beautiful beaches attract tourists from around the world. It’s created an economy that derives 50% of GDP from tourism alone. But when the pandemic grounded airlines and lockdowns were implemented, workers had to return to their rural villages. As a result, pollution skyrocketed. A local restaurant owner, wanted to do something to help, and so started system that help the environment and relive the economic pressure on his neighbours. By exchanging plastic for rice he recycled 500 tons of plastic and gave out  550 tons of rice!

Ireland announced a basic income for artists!  The pilot scheme could see 2,000 creative workers receive €325 a week. The three-year pilot will involve a weekly payment of €325 a week. “It sends a message to artists living and working in Ireland that their work is valued, appreciated and necessary.

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