Good News Stories: An Underwater Museum

Friday, September 3, 2021 10:15 am
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Bec and Jeziel shared some good news stories that will make you smile. This week they talked about an underwater museum and how lullabies can help improve the health of premature babies.Good News Stories

Deep sea trawling has been destroying the marine ecosystem. The nets are weighed down with heavy chains that uproot the seagrass, key to the ecosystem. Although Italian law banned trawling within three miles of the coast, many boats carried on illegally at night. A local fisherman named Paolo, noticed the effects of trawling on his catch and decided to take action. So he blocked a port in protest, destroyed trawling nets with barbed wire and even pretended to be the police.

After the Tuscan government dropped concrete blocks into the sea to disrupt the trawlers. Paolo decided to drop 80 more blocks at his own expense. “I didn’t just want concrete. I was fascinated with beautiful antiquities underwater.” A nearby quarry donated 100 marble blocks. Then through crowdfunding and contributions from tourists, many artist carved sculptures from the marble. These sculptures, each weighing 12 tons, were dropped to the bottom of the sea. Not only do they serve as physical barrier for the nets, they create a unique underwater museum.

According to new research, lullabies can improve the health of premature babies in hospital, as well as their families. It helps slow their heart rate,  helps them to feed and sleep better.

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