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Bec and Jeziel decided to share some good news stories that will make you smile. This week they talked about the plumber flushed with success and a company that turns urine into fertilisers!

A plumbed is flushed with success by landing a record deal, when a music mogul heard him singing while he fitted his bathroom! Kev Crane, spent 6 weeks installing a bathroom in Paul Conneally house unaware that he owned  New Reality Records. As a music lover who used to be a band, Kev sang along to his favourite songs while working. “I heard Kev singing as he worked. He sings along to the radio all day as he tiles and plumbs in bathrooms. I told him he had a good voice and he mentioned he’d been writing and recording songs in his home studio.” Kev continued to work on the bathroom and recorded the album at night.

Have you heard of the company Toopi Organics? They are the innovative company who turns human urine into plant fertiliser! On average a person flushes 500 litres of urine every year. Urine contains nutrients that can help plants grow. Toopi Organics has partnered with several public facilities to collect urine from the bathrooms and use it to make plant  fertilisers. Sounds super weird right? It’s actually a good thing, as this saves the environment from harsh chemical fertilisers and is much cheaper to produce. “Some people would not like them using their wee.” They have also partnered with the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris!

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