GOOD NEWS: Fishermen are getting paid to collect plastic trash at sea

14 October 2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Bec and Jeziel decided to share some good news stories that will make you smile!

Fishermen are getting paid to collect plastic trash at sea.

As Indonesia aims to reduce pollution, fishermen are being paid to clean up the seas. The Ministry of Fisheries announced they had saved $70,000 to pay fishermen for plastic trash found in the ocean. If a fisherman collects 4kg of trash each day the government will pay them $10. This is slightly more than what they would earn from fishing all day. The country also plans to spend $1 billion over the next 3 years to reduce plastic entering the ocean from their shores.

Image by Anton Wisuda/Mongabay Indonesia

A mobile app may soon be able to diagnose you with chronic health conditions using the sound of your voice.

Experts know that speech is altered by conditions like Parkinson’s and breathing is affected by lung diseases. So the artificial intelligence analyses vibrations in speech and breathing patterns to look for potential illnesses. They are hoping the app will be able to diagnose a wide range of conditions such as cancer and depression.

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