GOOD NEWS: A small town in Greece has reduced their landfill by 86%

2 December 2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Bec and Producer Telana shared some good news stories that will make you smile!

A small town in Greece has reduced their landfill by 86%

Tilos, a small island in Greece, has gotten rid of their landfill and replaced it with a system that has reduced total waste by 86%! After being implemented this May, the island of around 750 inhabitants quickly saw progress. They transformed the landfill into a recycling centre and removed the large public bins. All biodegradable waste is turned into soil treatments. Plastic, metal, glass, and paper are all recycled and non-recyclable goods are upcycled. Each resident is given bags to separate the material, and a truck arrives in front of their house on certain days to retrieve it and take it to the processing centre. The “Just Go Zero” app, allows residents to track how much material they’ve recycled, and learn more about what products and projects it’s going towards.

These farm robots can treat 500,000 plants per hour with 95% decrease in chemical sprays

Tractors in California are towing artificially-intelligent robots behind them that might launch the fourth revolution in agriculture. These robots can specifically target individual weeds and crops before blasting them with de-weeder or fertilizer. Verdant Robotics’ SprayBox robot can identify and treat 500,000 plants per hour while using 95% less chemical weed killer. The robots can also build a detailed map of the whole field with the location and ID of every plant. 

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